My name is Kennedy Verbeck

Kennedy's story


My name is Kennedy Verbeck! I am a person of sustained recovery. On July 27, 2018 I found freedom from addiction. After I started my recovery process, it soon lead me to Next Step! In fact, my journey of recovery has often been about the next step I will need to take. After completing residential treatment, I knew a more necessary step had to be taken. So, I moved into the NEXT STEP WOMEN'S house. I was finally safe. I had found a healthy environment to recover in. Today, after building my foundation, I took my next step again. I ventured out into the real world, but this time I was sober and not alone. Today, I maintain full time employment in the treatment field. I am actually able to be a wonderful mother to my daughter, a friend, and productive member of society. The peer recovery specialists that worked with me at Next Step Women fueled my passion for recovery.

My life has came full circle.  Like the women who once helped me. I am now a peer specialist at next step and can give back to women who are rebuilding the same shattered life that I was! We do recover.